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Jaime Crain is a painter and designer based in the Inland Northwest.

Jaime works primarily in oil paint, and her work explores the beauty

and power of the human mind through themes such as memory,

mental illness, and contemporary social issues. She combines figures

with nonobjective environments and embraces heightened, often

unexpected color. Jaime graduated summa cum laude from Whitworth

University in the spring of 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in fine art

and graphic design. She has been granted numerous awards and

scholarships from organizations such as the Northwest Watercolor

Society and the Spokane Valley Arts Council. Jaime’s work has been

included in several group exhibitions, the most notable being the

Garage Sale Exhibition, which she co-founded and curated.


About Jaime


Drawing from my experience with extreme emotional highs and lows,

primary themes in my work are the beauty and power of the human

mind as well as its inevitable downfalls. Consequently, my motivation

to create work is to express the intensity of certain emotions,

memories, and dreams using the specifics of the human figure. My

paintings combine portraiture with nonobjective and often abstract

environments. While all my work is representational, realism is not

my primary objective. I enjoy creating heightened and dramatic color

palettes that push my work in a contemporary direction.

Painting, for me, is active. It forces me to move around to see my

work and my surroundings in unexpected ways. As a young adult, I’ve

realized that, yes, painting is what I do, but being an artist is who I am.

It defines and explains me in more ways than I realized in the past. If I

could give one healing statement to my younger self, I would tell her

that she’s an artist. That’s her “why.”

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